Xenomorph 0.1

This file contains the source and a binary for Linux x86 systems. Just start ./install if this is your hardware platform.
If not, follow the instructions in the README file. Please notice that Xenomorph needs the multithreading library libqt-mt.so.3. If your QT system was not built for this, download QT3 from Trolltech and follow the instructions in the README file.
I used GCC 2.95.3 to develop this version. If strange things happen (especially with GCC 3.x) please contact me.

The first version of Xenomorph took only about one week of developing time, so don't expect too much. It is able to load and save pictures and to apply filters. After an image was loaded, just click on in to select the filter, the press the 'Filter' button. It is possible to apply different filters to the r/g/b layers of an image, just select the filter on the corresponding layer.